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About Freight Simply

Freight Simply understands the hassle of having goods shipped from China. For that reason, Freight Simply was founded to help startup importers, as well as seasoned vendors, navigate the complicated world of logistics. From the factory to the warehouse Freight Simply will handle your goods every step of the way. At Freight Simply, we ensure that your products get shipped from the factory to the warehouse, thereby enabling you to concentrate on your business. Freight Simply takes the hassle out of shipping freight. Freight Simply makes shipping freight simple!

From the Factory

Freight Simply is in contact with your factory to arrange for a pick-up and receives all the necessary paperwork, saving you the time and headache.

Across the Ocean

Freight Simply will have your goods placed on a vessel securely, efficiently, and at a low cost.

Clearing Customs

Freight Simply provides a customs broker who ensures your goods clear customs safely.

To your warehouse

Freight Simply arranges for your goods to be picked up from the port and dropped off at your warehouse.